15 Most Beautiful Place in Netherlands!

Most beautiful place in Netherlands

vamosgoal - Known as the "land of windmills," and having lots of wind power plants that spread to many villages in the Netherlands, it turns out that this has been able to entice tourists to visit the Netherlands. The canals and old buildings mixed with modern in this location are also ranked first on the list of beautiful tourist destinations.Naturally, the structures and architecture in the Netherlands are very charming.

As we know, the Netherlands is a country that produces world-class artists. From the 17th century to the 20th century, thanks to the works of artists such as Vincent Van Gogh, Rembrandt van Rijn, Johannes Vermeer, Jan Steen, Jacob van Ruysdael, Piet Mondriaan, and many more, the Netherlands has always dominated the art scene around the continent. Europe, and even the whole world. This country of windmills also dominates various destinations; what are you curious about? Let's continue reading.

The Netherlands' 15 Most Beautiful Places!

1. Amsterdam

In this city, you will really feel what true beauty means. The obligatory activity if you set foot here is to surround the city base by boat, passing by on the very clean and beautiful canal water.


After seeing the sights of the city of Amsterdam using the canal path, now you are forced to get off and walk leisurely towards the Rijks Museum building. Upon entering, your eyes will be treated to a wide range of works of art, including up to 8,000 original works created by human hands.The building, which was erected on November 19, 1798, also houses archives of cultural history and the diversity of countries nicknamed "lowlands."

Tulip Experience Amsterdam

After enjoying the beautiful works of famous artists for a long time, now Vamosgoal will take you out of the building and head to the Tulip Experience area in Amsterdam. This is a beautiful and colorful tulip garden so that the heart and mind become cheerful, and it is perfect for families who bring their children. You can also wrap these tulips to make beautiful souvenirs when you leave the Netherlands.

Vondel Park

After choosing the best and most beautiful tulips in the Tulip Experience Amsterdam area to become souvenirs, now is the time for you and your family to sit and relax, stretching your legs out on the green grass. If you are bored, you can visit the theater near the park to enjoy other entertainment and eat some food in bars and restaurants. Despite the fact that Vondel Park is a simple park, it can satisfy the entire family of visitors, as evidenced by the fact that over 10 million bodies land at Vondel Park each year.

2. Utrecht

One of the oldest cities in the Netherlands, it has many castles and convoluted canals. The city of Utrecht is also located in the center of the Netherlands, making it the main destination for visitors after the city of Amsterdam. In Utrecht, besides finding old castles, you will also find many beautiful botanical gardens filled with flowers.

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De Haar Castle

The castle, which was renovated by the famous Dutch architect Pierre Cuypers, is a Gothic or Neo-Gothic revival style castle building.Inaugurated in 1892, De Haar Castle was immediately invaded by many visitors from all over the world. Due to the shape of the building, which has many towers standing upright, and the most beautiful garden area around it, which is quite extensive, De Haar Castle is called the largest castle in the Netherlands.

Rietveld Schroder's

house "Das stinks of klassizm," you say as you travel to the De Haar castle.Don't worry; after visiting De Haar Castle, you can immediately visit Rietveld Schroder's house. Even though it appears to be a typical house at first glance, who would have guessed that this best house has a modern area or room?The movable wall feature, which reveals three new rooms, is one example, as are wood accents that cover windows and hidden steps.With its innovation capabilities, the Rietveld Schroder House is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Domtoren Tower

Apart from being amazed by the finest sophistication of the Rietveld Schroder house, now is the time for you to be amazed at the location of the Domtoren Tower. This lovely location is a 112-meter-high tower built in 1961.The first stone was laid in 1321 and completed in 1382. Domtoren Tower also adopts the Gothic style designed by Johan of Hairnaut.

3. The Hague

Unlike the two cities above, the city of Den Haag has tall buildings and a modern style. The city, which has existed since 793 years ago, or to be precise, since 1230, and has the meaning "Fence of the Nobles,“ is a gathering place for everything from parliament buildings to embassies of various countries.

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Museum Beelden an Zee

It is mandatory for tourists to visit the Beelden en Zee Museum if you want to do tourism while studying. The museum, which was founded in 1994, contains many works by prominent artists, such as Karl Apple and Man Ray. The Beelden aan Zee Museum is only devoted to exhibiting three-dimensional works of art in the form of contemporary international and national sculptures.

Scheveningen Strand Beach

Tired of wandering the Beelden aan Zee museum and unsure where to go next?Just come here to Scheveningen Strand Beach, which is the most beautiful beach and has a long sandpit. The best beach is located near the highway, which makes it easy for tourists to access. Scheveningen Strand is perfect for tourists who are tired of traveling to many places. This beautiful beach is available free of charge to all visitors, so you can sunbathe and swim in beautiful nature.

Barbarossa Beach

Still not satisfied with the beauty of the Scheveningen Strand beach? If so, you should aim for Barbarossa Beach, a beach with a wide coastline that often organizes events such as outings, children's parties, and even private meetings that you can rent here. Barbarossa Restaurant also serves fine food and drinks, so it will whet your appetite.


It is famous for its industrial city centers (for example, the Philips factory), so that it attracts the hearts of students to uphold education at technical universities in the Netherlands. There are two well-known universities in the city of Eindhoven, namely Fontys University of Applied Sciences and Technische Universiteit Eindhoven.

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Philips Museum

The mandatory thing that you have to do is visit the Philips museum. The reason is that you will be shown how difficult it is to run a business as big as Philips. Not only by reading, but the tv Museum will also tell its history through songs, communication, lighting, and health. Restaurants and special lanes for wheelchair users are also owned.

Van Abbe Museum

After visiting the Philips Museum, you should immediately go to the Van Abbe Museum if you are still curious about the creations located in the city of Eindhoven. The museum, which has a space of 9,825 m2, houses thousands of the most beautiful works, ranging from 2 dimensions to 3 dimensions. It is stated that the best works in the Van Abbe Museum are in the form of paper, sculpture, painting, installation, and video works. Even world-famous artists, namely El Lissitzky, Pablo Picasso, and Wassily Kandinsky, put their works in this place.

Prehistoric Dorp House

After seeing the two museums above and realizing that you are not satisfied, now is the time for Vamosgoal to invite you to visit the most beautiful places in history. Prehistoric Dorp is a collection of prehistoric houses that have been reproduced, complete with all their cooking, hunting, and other furnishings. Tourists will really feel what happened thousands of years ago, and moreover, tourists can also rent prehistoric clothes that make them look like humans in the Stone Age in this place.

5. Liese

This is the place that made the Netherlands even more famous thanks to its beauty, because in the city of Lisse there are many flower gardens that have various and very striking colors so that they become the most beautiful flower gardens. Tulips and Narcissus flowers are the most popular in this field.


Who doesn't know the Keukenhof garden, the most beautiful place where there is a mixture of various colorful flowers in one place, melting the hearts of tourists? Already, millions of people have inhaled the fresh scent of air mixed with the fragrance of tulips and various other flowers that have spread. The Keukenhof Garden itself was created in 1949 by the mayoral candidate of Lisee, which used to be a small town, but now the Keukenhof Garden has turned into the most beautiful and largest flower garden in the world in more than 50 years.

Keukenhof Castle

After looking over the Keukenhof park, now is the time to move a little towards the magnificent castle, which is very classical in style. Keukenhof Castle is open every day, so travelers can enjoy it any time. Keukenhof Castle has been established since 1641, or during the glory days of the Netherlands and right during the heyday of the VOC company. Inside are many famous paintings that were handled directly by famous painters, one of whom was Nicolaes Maes.

Linnaushof Park

This is a mandatory activity for visitors who come to the city of Lisse with their small children, because this is the friendliest place for them. There are lots of activities here that can train your little one's courage, such as go-karts, gigantic water shows, rocking bikes, and many more. Not far from the Linnaeus Park, there are also classy hotels that are ready to provide the best facilities.
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