Best Destination in Mexico - TOP 15

Best Destination in Mexico - TOP 15

vamosgoal | One the countries in the Americas which has many characteristics ranging from food such as tacos, tortillas, burritos, nachos, churros, and many other delicious snacks originating from Mexico. In addition to Mexican food, they are also famous for their dance, which is named the Salsa dance.

The geographical location of Mexico is directly adjacent to several countries such as the United States, Guatemala, Beliz, and the Caribbean sea. This situation has made many Mexican people believe in Catholicism. Mexico is not only famous for this event but also known for its captivating landscapes, with many beautiful beaches, unique museums and much more. What are you curious about? Let's see how it goes.

Best Destination in Mexico - TOP 15

1. Cancun

It is mandatory for seekers of the best tourist destinations when visiting Mexico, it is advisable to set foot on the land of Cancun. Because the city of Cancun is a city with many of the best beaches with sea water and very beautiful sand.

Playa Delfines

It is one of the best beaches and has Tosca green sea water and the beauty of white sand beaches and is textured as smooth as silk, making it a symbol of the city of Cancun with the aim of attracting tourists. Not only does it provide beaches, but Playa Delfines also has other resorts such as classy restaurants, magnificent mall buildings, aquarium parks and various plants.

La Isla Paradise Experience

Being a famous shopping center that provides a variety of the best quality goods with well-known brands, for example Rolex, Louis Vuitton and La Boutique. Here is also the best destination suitable for families by providing children's games, swimming with sharks and dolphins and traveling around the La Isla Paradise Experience area by boat that passes through beautiful canals with almost the same resemblance to those in the city of Venice, Italy .

El Rey Archeology

It is a Mayan heritage site before the Columbus era. El Rey is an important object on the island of Cancun because, here there are 47 relic structures that have various functions. Besides being able to get close to heritage objects, you can also spoil your eyes by looking at a very beautiful garden. Not far from El Rel Archeology, there is a classy hotel that can accommodate tourists so they can enjoy the night here.

2. Tijuana

The city that borders directly with the United States is a city that is close-knit thanks to performing arts and culture. This makes tourists interested in visiting the city of Tijuana, which used to be a city with dark events.

Parque Morelos

Inaugurated on January 27, 1987, Now Morelos park has many tourist destinations and game arenas that are suitable for visitors with their families. There is a lake in the middle of the park which is filled with various fish and ducks. You can also go around the lake and park by boat or bicycle by walking on the paths. Besides that, there are also stalls that provide typical Mexican food. Slides and swings are also available at Parque Morelos.

Tijuana Cultural Center

Mexico's most famous cultural center and hosts over a million visitors annually. Designed by Pedro Ramirez Vazques and Manuel Rossen Morisson, the shape is round like an egg. Upon entering, visitors will be shown an exhibition of as many as 200 works by various artists. Inside there is also a cinema area which is quite famous, the cinema is called OMNIMAX which shows many films and documentaries.

Friendship Park

Why is it given that title?, because this beach park is located right on the border of San Diego (USA) - Tijuana (Mexico). What attracts visitors is a high barrier made of metal roof to separate the coast of the USA and Mexico. The guardrail can also be opened precisely on Children's Day and allows two ends of the country to meet on the same beach.

3. Merida

Located on the Yucatan promontory, it holds a very valuable and unique heritage of the Mayans and Imperialism. Temples and museums are tourist destinations that you should visit. 

Paseo De Montejo

For those who are on vacation but want to experience walking around the city, Paseo De Montejo is perfect for those people. The reason is, this city has beautiful streets that are busy with visitors and is surrounded by buildings that are the symbol of the Paseo De Montejo area. In this area there are also shops that sell various beautiful souvenirs or souvenirs and are often the center of tourist photos.

Chichen Itza

All eyes were directed towards the building that looked like a temple, it was known that the building was the remnants of the Mayan tribe. Chichen Itza is also listed in the list of the seven wonders of the world, so you shouldn't miss this best destination. Everyone thinks how the ancients built a temple or shrine like Chichen Itza with a floor of natural green grass.

Zoologico Centennial

Want to find natural charm in the city of Merida? You are very lucky to have read this article. Because, Zoologico Centennial has lots of botanical gardens, zoos, playgrounds, luxury restaurants, a fountain nicknamed peace, the iconic educazoo tower, a giant aquarium, as well as various kinds of games such as traveling around the park using small trains, cable cars, ATVs, boat rides, bumper boats, and many more.

4. Taxco

A city with abundant natural wealth, so this is where tourists spend their money to buy various jewelry. Taxco also has natural wealth from its tourism sector.

Pozas Azules De Atzala

Is a hidden tourist destination in the form of beautiful rivers and lakes behind dense forests. From waterfalls to turquoise natural pools which tourists often call the Blue Pools of Atzala. Visitors are highly valued here, that's why Pozas Azules De Atzala has provided as many as 16 pools and tourists only need to pay a small fee to be able to dive in this hidden gem pool.

Taxco De Alarcón

Exploring the Pre-Hispanic mine which is a former silver mine. At the time of its discovery, architects were renovating a hotel called Posada De La Mision and stumbled upon a Pre-Haspanic mine by accident. It is estimated that when it was first discovered, this mine was more than 500 years old, to be precise before the Spanish came to Mexico.

Cristo Monumental Taxco

The statue, which was designed by an architect named Alejo Hernandez, stands 18 meters high. The statue was planted on the Taxco De Alarcon hill and has been standing since 2002. Its construction only took 8 months and the statue faces directly the vast hills of the city of Taxco. Roberto Gomez is the one who carved the statue.

5. Cabo San Lucas

In this city there is abundant natural beauty, so it is highly recommended for tourists to spend the rest of their vacation time. There are also restaurants, nightclubs and bars which are always lively.

Arch Cabo San Lucas

Hike through natural granite boulders across the beautiful beach. Underneath there is a collection of sea lions that are most often awaited by tourists. When the evening sun arrives, visitors must climb the rocks. Because, that's the best place to enjoy the sunset on the beach. So that the atmosphere feels like one with yourself, moreover the atmosphere can turn romantic when you visit it with your partner.

Cabo Pulmo National Park

For ocean lovers, it is highly recommended that you go to the depths of the sea in Cabo Pulmo National Park. Because, here there are 3 of the oldest coral reefs in the world, and the oldest is estimated to be 20,000 thousand years old. You will also get a lesson from the history of this place. Previously this area was a place for fishermen to fish excessively. But now, it has been banned and has now turned into a beautiful tourist destination.

Graza Blanca Resort

Lots of luxury hotels and villas are located on the waterfront of Cabo San Lucas. However, I recommend tourists to freshen up at the Graza Blanca hotel. Great hotel construction, there are lots of outdoor swimming pools so if you are lazy to go for a dip on the beach, then you should choose that swimming pool. There are also many facilities such as a tennis arena, bar, garden, restaurant, children's amusement park, fitness area and others. Reading that, made me want to come straight there. That's why I want to end this article.
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