TOP 12 Most Beautiful Places in Brazil to Visit

TOP 12 Most Beautiful Places in Brazil to Visit

vamosgoal | It has been known for a long time that Brazil is the creator of the best football players in the world, including a legend named Pele (now deceased, right at the time this article was created), Neymar, Ronaldinho, Ronaldo De Lima, and many others. The area of ​​the country is now ranked fifth in the world with a land size of approximately 8.5 million square kilometers.

Thanks to land and waters that are as wide as that, of course if one of the countries with the largest population in the world provides the most beautiful tourist destinations in Brazil which are very abundant. You know that Brazil is also the lungs of the world, that means Brazil has very dense green forests. It is known that there are many plants such as coffee and sugar cane that make this beautiful country a place for the lungs of the world. The more you are curious about the beautiful places in Brazil, let's see how it goes.

TOP 12 Most Beautiful Places in Brazil to Visit

1. Rio de Janeiro

As the capital, it is certain that Rio De Janeiro is a center of attention for world tourists. Moreover, its geographical location is very precise in the area around complete scenery such as beaches, hills, and a bunch of city buildings.

  • Parque Lage 

Before becoming a tourist spot, this area was formerly the home of a couple, Henrique Lage and his wife, Gabriella Besanzoni. However, it was turned into a tourist destination by an Italian architect named Mario Vodret around 1920. It is located not far from the statue of Christ the redeemer and right under Mount Corcovado.

Parque Lage feels like a private luxury hotel because there is a swimming pool, library, five-star restaurant, large meeting rooms, gardens with classic structures, and of course a very luxurious 19th century house. Parque Lage has also been explored by several famous singers such as Snoop Dogg, Pharell Williams, and many more. 

  • Pedra Da Gavea

Enjoy the vast expanse of the city of Rio De Janeiro and spoil your eyes by seeing the beautiful beaches that are under this mountain. Even though it is only 800 meters high, this mountain is quite dangerous. Because this mountain is topped with a very large rock. This will make it difficult for tourists to climb to the top. But if you manage to place yourself at this peak, you will be treated to the most beautiful views visiting Pedra Da Gavea.

  • Lagoa Rodrigo De Freitas

This lake has a stretch of nature that is no less beautiful than other best places. When tourists come here, you will get a very valuable experience. Lagoa Rodrigo De Freitas is surrounded by forests, mountains, and bicycle paths that tourists can explore while relaxing. Besides being useful for tourism, Lagoa is also suitable for sports such as skateboarding, marathons, canoeing, and meeting various animals and plants. All these things make Lagoa Rodrigo De Freitas one of the most beautiful heart lakes in Brazil.

2. Manaus

As the central city of the state of Amazonas, Manaus is a tourist attraction for exploring the Amazon region and the peak areas. Tourism in Manaus consists of many buildings with an old Italian style.

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  • Amazonas Theatre

While many animals are being protected, now it is a building that must be protected. Inaugurated around 1896 and designed to take the theme of the Renaissance from ancient Italy. The reason why Teatro Amazonas is protected is because of the large amount of jewelery and expensive materials. Like marble-lined doors, wrought-iron stairs, chandeliers covered in Murano glass, and many more such as curtains, wood, and domes, all of which are fantastic value.

  • Ecotro Das Aguas

Your ears must be familiar with hearing the two rivers that differ in color and substance then meet in one river path. The phenomenon in the Econtro Das Aguas is one of them, the dark colored Rio Negro river is known to originate from swamp plants and decaying forests while the brown Amazon river contains silt and sand. Many tour guides offer to approach the river by boat.

  • Palacio Rio Negro

Are you art lovers? I think this place is suitable for those of you who are like that, Palacio Rio Negro is a luxurious palace with an arrangement of buildings that are closely related to heritage around 1903. Currently it is a warehouse for art galleries and works of Brazilian art, even though it used to be an ordinary house belonging to a rubber merchant from Germany namely Waldemar Scholz. There is also original wood from the construction of the house and a very beautiful flower garden.

3. Fortazela

It has many beautiful beaches that attract visitors from various countries. Apart from the beautiful beaches, there are also tourist destinations such as squares, museums, water games, and several playgrounds that tourists can enjoy in the city of Fortazela.

  • Beachpark

The area reaches up to 17 hectares which makes the Beach Park area the largest in Brazil. Land near Porto das Dunas beach which is even more beautiful if you ride the slide directly facing Porto das Dunas beach. The slide is named Insano and has received an award as the highest slide in Brazil, thanks to its height of approximately 41 meters.

  • Praia do Futuro

It is a beach with a very wide stretch of coastline that is labeled as the most famous in Fortazela. It is increasingly popular after many tourists surf in the Tosca green sea water. If you are tired because you have played too much on Praia do Futuro beach, don't worry, you can still enjoy various drinks and food that you can buy on the side of the main beach road in the form of tents.

  • José de Alencar

A small house that was once occupied by a famous writer in Brazil, namely Jose de Alencar, then was controlled by the Universidade Federal do Ceara in 1965. The house which has since been used as a museum and one of the heritage sites of the city of Fortazela was founded around the 19th century. Visitors can also read some of the original novels written by Jose de Alencar.

Another recommendations for a very beautiful place in Brazil

  • Iguazu Falls

It's no stranger to hearing the name Iguazu Falls, a very large waterfall and has thrown millions of cubic tons of water. This nature tour is near the borders of three countries namely Brazil, Paraguay, and Argentina. Iguazu has a plain with an average height of 100 meters and visitors can also approach it via a bridge called Garganta do Diabo so they can enjoy it closer.

  • Sao Paulo art

If you are handmade lovers, then you must visit the Sao Paulo art museum. With many famous works of art from various parts of the world such as the continents of Europe and the Americas, this museum is full of visitors, coupled with displays of works of art from Renoir, Manet, Van Gogh, Matisse, Picasso, and Miro.

  • Pernambuco Beach

Being a beach that faces directly to the Atlantic Ocean with bright blue water, so that when exposed to sunlight, the waves of calm water will emit views like clear crystals. Don't be confused if you want to spend the night here, because there are already 5 star hotels that will help you enjoy Pernambuco beach at night.

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