15 Dream Vacations Spots in China!

Dream Vacation Spot in China

vamosgoal | Being the country with the largest population in the world, China is said to have statistical data on a population of nearly 1.4 billion people. The country which is usually nicknamed "the country of the bamboo curtain" is also labeled as the largest country in the world, with a total area of ​​9,596,961 square kilometers. The country that is still held by President Xi Jinping actually adheres to the teachings of communism, but as time goes by and technology develops, the indigenous people in China prefer beliefs that have existed since long ago and designate various traditional Chinese religions such as Buddhism and Taoism. 

With such a large area, of course, China has a variety of dream vacation spots that foreign tourists want to reach. This beautiful place is also known to be close to panda animals, there are many zoos and conservation agencies that accommodate various types of pandas. Besides that, the landscape in China is also very enchanting with dense forest concoctions mixed with towering cliffs and many buildings that are still in a classic style. Curious about what are your dream vacation spots in China? Keep watching the article all the way down!

15 Dream Vacations Spots in China!


China's capital is frequently a must-see location while traveling during the holidays. Beijing City, with a geographic area of 16,411 square kilometers and a population density of more than 21 million, is a city rich in historical significance.

1. The Great Wall of China

The longest man-made structure in the world, this wall protects local soldiers and stretches 21,196 kilometers in a straight line. The wall, which took 9 years to construct, was listed as a UNESCO world historic site in 1987. The most essential item for travelers who wish to immediately realize their dreams because no other country has the great wall of China.

2. Forbidden City

After touring the most well-known locations in China, we will now investigate a structure using Kuai Xiang architecture. During the Ming and Qing eras, the Forbidden City served as both the Chinese capital and the home of the Chinese emperors. The Forbidden City, which was constructed between 1420 and 1924, covers a land area of 720,000 square meters. More than 16 million domestic and international tourists visit this dream tour each year because to its success.

3. Beijing Botanical Garden

Following your visit to the two historical locations mentioned above, you must go to a flower garden that is equally as stunning as Keukenhof, Netherlands. Founded in 1956 on 400 hectares of land, this lovely park has more than 6,000 decorative plants dispersed throughout. For travelers who haven't been able to visit the Keukenhof flower garden in the Netherlands, the Beijing Botanical Garden is a vacation destination that they can only dream of.


The Zhangjiajie region is the next location in China that you obviously long to visit. The Zhangjiajie site is already well-known and visited by millions Chinese people. Since the Zhangjiajie region includes many hilly areas, there are many dream trips that take place in high altitude regions.

4. Wulingyuan

Who hasn't heard of Wulingyuan? It became the most well-known location after Avatar's filming there, making it many people's ideal vacation destination. Over 3,000 cliffs that reach an average height of 200 meters in the horizon, Wulingyuan stands out among them. The monument's pillars were created between 350 and 400 million years ago, and its construction is made of quartzite limestone. Since Wulingyuan is not available in any other nation, the only method to realize your dream is to be fortunate in this area.

5. Bailong Elevator

Vamosgoal will ascend the Bailong Elevator to demonstrate the beauty of the steep parts of Zhangjiajie by traveling slightly away from Wulingyuan. The construction of this elevator began in 1999 and was completed exactly three years later, in 2002. That same year, Bailong Elevator was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The elevator, which is glazed on one side of the wall and rises straight up to a height of 326 meters, was recognized as the tallest outdoor elevator in the world by Guinness World Records on July 15, 2015.

6. Zhangjiajie Glass Brigde

After using the Bailong Elevator, visitors must now cross a bridge with transparent glass floors. The Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge is up to 430 meters long and 6 meters wide, and it can be found up to 300 meters above the ground. On August 20, 2016, this suspension bridge was officially opened. Tourists who are terrified of heights should give this vacation destination for lovers of heights some thought because of its singular placement of layers of glass as its floor.


The biggest firms, corporations, and commerce in China may all be found in Shanghai. Although it was formerly merely a market town and fishing village, it has since developed into a very modern municipality with several skyscrapers rising.

7. The Bund

is a trip that circles the building and the riverbank in the heart of Shanghai. The best times to go are in the afternoon and evening because guests are permitted to take boats down the river in the afternoon to view the sunset. When night falls, you will be treated to the activity of the sparkling structures and the breathtaking scenery around, which is appreciated by millions of tourists.

8. Yu Garden

It's not enough to visit Shanghai if you don't step foot in Yu Park, the city's most well-known park with a space of up to 5 hectares. When you visit Taman Yu, which was constructed in 1577, you'll be delighted to see an object there called jade. This huge, stunning stone is 3.3 meters in diameter and bears a body weighing 5 tons. Yu & Jade Garden has welcomed several people who are interested in its history because to its attractiveness.

9. Nanjinglu Street

It's time to visit a vacation spot that is practically identical to Times Square Street in the US and Shibuya Street in Japan once you've had enough of roaming about Yu Park. Since millions of people have congregated on an area of 5.5 hectares since 1854, Nanjinglu Street has evolved into a comprehensive destination that you can reach in the city of Shanghai. If you wish to experience the feeling of the previously stated two sites during a vacation, Nanjinglu Street can be a dream that can be realized.


The city of Hangzhou has consistently been ranked as the top commercial city in all of mainland China by Forbes media. Thanks to its trading companies and e-commerce hubs, the city of Hangzhou is also among the richest and most affluent.

10. Qiandao Lake

The city of Hangzhou is not only wealthy but also has a thriving tourist industry. The former man-made hydroelectric megaproject mine known as Qiandao Lake has a surface area of more than 573 square kilometers. The project, which began on the Xin'an river in 1959, has totally transformed into the vacation destination of tourists' dreams. This was inevitable given that Qiandao Lake contains both tiny and large islands that are dispersed around the lake in diverse locations.

11. Leifeng Pagoda

The Leifeng pagoda was built in 975, making it equally man-made as the Qiandao lake. The five floors of the octagonal tower are embedded in the earth, and the rooms inside contain a variety of expensive artifacts, including silver-plated ornaments, gold statues, Sudhanakumara statues, silver and gold-plated cases and belts, paintings, and inscriptions dating back to the Northern Song dynasty in 975.

12. Nine Creeks in Misty Forest

Visitors should now head to Nine Creeks in Misty Forest, a natural and original river created by God's hand, after visiting two man-made locations. The water flowing through this lovely river, which has nine bends and tributaries, is the clearest in all of Hangzhou. A forest of maple trees with red and yellow leaves that will fall when autumn arrives surrounds the river, adding to its splendor. This encourages visitors to visit this idyllic location in the fall.

5. Chengdu

Chengdu should be your final stop. The city stretches into Tibet's jurisdiction and covers up to 2,129 square kilometers with an average elevation of 500 meters. Family vacation tours to Chengdu are very popular throughout many regions due to its geographic location in the Himalayas. There are a lot of Han people living in Chengdu.

13. Chengdu Giant Panda Research

Because you will learn about and witness different kinds of pandas and other unique species here, this particular holiday destination may also be used as a learning environment. With the mission "to be a center for international class research, conservation learning, and an international teaching tourist attraction," this facility was established in 1987. Additionally, the Chengdu Zoo collaborates with a number of zoos abroad.

14. Xiling Snow Mountain

Like a snow mountain in general, but if tourists go somewhere else, it will be tough to inspire excitement and dreams. Mount Xiling rises to a height of 5,364 meters and is perpetually covered in a thick layer of white snow. Since you will be exhausted and excited from all the snow games, we strongly advise that you stay longer than three days if you visit this location. Skiing is one of the most popular, and both domestic and foreign tourists love it.

15. Chengcua Park

Vamosgoal wishes to order travelers to linger and relax on the green grass-covered ground in Chengcua park after enticing families, especially children, to play in zoos and snowy locations. If you want to invite them along with your family to a holiday place with loads of kid-friendly activities, Chengcua Park is the ideal choice.

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