A Look at 15 Unique Tourist Attractions in Peru!

A look at 15 unique tourist attractions in Peru!

One of the richest countries in the Americas thanks to its gold mining which reached approximately 150 tons in 2010, this figure is quite fantastic for a country that records tropical areas. Peru also generates a great deal of natural wealth, mostly from growing corn and potatoes.

Not only that, this country with a population of more than 33 million people also has unique tourist attractions which are very abundant and are still highly anticipated by tourists from various countries. What are you curious about? Let's see how it goes.

A Look at 15 Unique Tourist Attractions in Peru!

1. Lima

It's no stranger to every national capital being mandatory for travelers to visit, one of which is the city of Lima. This largest city in South America provides a unique tourist destination made directly from nature or made by human hands. Not only Machu Pichu is famous in Peru but there are many as written below.


A unique city located right on the edge of a cliff that attracts a lot of attention from tourists, the composition of the city of Miraflores is somewhat unique to imagine. The reason is that there is busy street traffic which is located under multi-storey buildings and the location of Miraflores which directly offers beautiful views of the coast while leading directly to the seas of the Pacific Ocean. There are also various malls and restaurants that are ready to welcome groups of tourists.

Huaca Pucllana

One of the building objects of the former Incan heritage which is located between the buildings of the city of Lima and around the beach has been found centuries ago. This building stands from an arrangement of bricks arranged to resemble a unique pyramidal structure so that it forms like hundreds or even thousands of steps. Huaca Pucllana is also situated in the middle of a well-known negotiation center in the city of Peru. 

Lima Main Squares

It has been established since the 15th century and has stolen millions of pairs of tourist eyes. Plaza De Armas or other designations, is now flanked by many unique and popular buildings in the city of Lima. Due to the location that is right in the center of the city, tourists can at the same time see the splendor of the buildings, such as the palace of the Archbishop of Lima, the government palace, to the modernizing cathedral.


Traveling to the city of Cusco, it is certain that many want to see the uniqueness of Machu Pichu's building strategy. But who would have thought, this city which is headquartered in the Andes mountains has saved millions of unique tourist attractions so that UNESCO has recorded the city of Cusco as a world heritage.


Being a royal fortress of the Incas and having been built since the 15th century, Sacsayhuaman is walled with a group of large stones that have been meticulously carved into blocks. Another unique fact is that the stones, which are arranged in thousands, do not use any adhesive to hold them together. Traditional events every year on June 24 are also a special attraction for tourists.


About 30 kilometers northwest of Cusco, there are phenomenal archaeologists. This tour has a hollow and circular shape with very mature calculations. As if it was made by non-human hands, Moray, whose depth reaches 30 meters, makes visitors curious with its design rules, estimates, and orientation which causes many history lovers to take a look at its uniqueness.

Sacred Valley

It is located in the middle of the mountains and is passed by the water flow of the Urubamba river which stretches from Pisac to Ollantaytambo and makes the area's soil fertile. This greening makes the Sacred Valley more beautiful and is often visited by foreign tourists. And it has reached up to 1.2 million visitors in 2013 and is still the main tourist choice for landscape lovers.

3. Huaraz

Is one of the coldest cities in Peru with an average temperature of up to 21° degrees Celsius. This city was formed by a person named San Sebastian de Huaraz and became the city of the state of Ancash. Many destinations are in the form of snow-capped mountains and buildings that are still closely related to ancient culture.

Peruvian Guides

It is suitable for mountain climbers, moreover what they will overcome are the mountains which are covered in white and thick snow. You can take part in this activity on Peruvian Guides, climb with professional climbers from many countries and are also allowed for beginners. Because, Peruvian Guides also provide special services to look after and guide beginners from the professional directly.

Lakes 69

You can enjoy the journey that is not so difficult and you can enjoy the spectacular scenery around it at Lake 69. A unique lake that has a frequently changing background, when winter
comes the hills will be filled with snow and when summer comes the hilly land turns arid. That doesn't change the beauty of the lake with Tosca green water stagnating between the hills.

Cerro de Rataquenua

The thrill of spoiling the eyes around the beautiful valley and being able to see the corners of the city of Huaraz from the top of the mountains. There are no obstacles whatsoever that will interfere with your vacation time when you are up here. The most awaited time for tourists is to enjoy the phenomenon of the evening sunset with other tourists and take a tour together using mountain bikes. The transportation that you can use is public transportation or private cars.

4. Ayacucho

It has people who are so obedient to their religion that up to 33 churches have been built which are spread all over the city. Its 33 churches have played their respective roles in the life of Jesus and have become cities with huge religious celebrations from Holy Week to Easter. It's no wonder that the tourist arena in the city of Ayacucho has a strong religious smell. 

Qorihuilca Gorge

As the strongest attraction for tourists, the Qorihuilca canyon certainly presents a variety of beauty and unique wall patterns that have been prepared directly by nature. Like its sister to Antelope Canyon in the USA, Qorihuilca itself has a little patch of moss on the wall so that it creates a green light when you are in that part.

Plaza de Armas

Located in the center of the city of Ayacucho and surrounded by various buildings such as Constitucion, Municipalidad, and Independencia, each of which has a Baroque architectural style from the 16th to 17th centuries. The surrounding hall is also made of stone structures and roofs of red clay and is still very strong today.

Ayacucho Cathedral

One of the famous churches in the city of Ayacucho which also uses the Baroque architectural style. It has a posterior tower made of stone, brick and limestone. To make this magnificent church, the workers needed up to 4 years from 1632 to 1672. Now the church has been labeled as the historical cultural heritage of the Peruvian state since 1972.

5. Paracas

In contrast to other unique cities in Peru which have lots of Inca heritage, the city of Paracas instead has a lot of the most popular beach tourism. The temperature in this city ranges from 25° to 20° Celsius. Not only luxury beaches, Paracas also provides five-star hotels that are able to accompany travelers throughout their holidays.

La Mina Beach

No wonder this beach is filled with many visitors, especially on weekends or other holidays. This beautiful La Mina beach presents various features of its splendor, one of which is taking a guided tour that thousands of people follow to visit a pod of sea lions. If you are tired, you can visit the restaurants near La Mina beach. 

Roja Beach

A beach that makes many visitors curious, because the beach area at the end of the desert is very wide. Roja Beach and its surroundings mix a lot of colors so that it looks very phenomenal as the water is bright green, the beach sand is brownish red, the desert soil is light brown, and the blue sky and very bright white clouds feel like they support you to linger here.

Freddom Park

Even though the location is not much different from the beaches above, Fredom Park often presents a typical beach atmosphere mixed with vast desert land that looks like you are on the planet Mars. The best place to observe birds flying freely above the ground and the best place to feel the feel of a sunset in the middle of the desert.

There are so many tourist attractions in Peru, to the point that I want to end writing this article and immediately want to go there to see 15 unique tourist destinations in Peru, and leave right now.
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