Here! 15 Enchanting Tourism in Nigeria !

Enchanting Tourism in Nigeria

Nigeria is also famous for its important inventions such as contemporary telecommunications technology, such as CDMA.  Nollywood, Nigeria's film industry also attracts tourists who want to see exotic locations and interact with the country's film companies.

The country with the motto "Unity and Faith, Peace and Progress" has a lot to offer in terms of tourism, from the sea, forests, cities, countryside, and more.  We have summarized them in. . .

Here! 15 Enchanting Tourism in Nigeria !


Lagos is the largest city in Nigeria and the economic and business center of the country. In addition, Lagos has a very enchanting tourism that is popular for its many attractions including parks, museums, and historical sites. Indeed, Lagos is a city that is home to tourists from various walks of life, ranging from ethnicity, religion, to language.

2. Abuja

Before becoming the capital of Nigeria in 1991, Lagos was the capital of the country. However, Abuja was chosen as the new capital due to its more strategic location and more political stability. Abuja is home to some fascinating tourist attractions such as the National Monument, Abuja National Mosque, and Millennium Park. Historically, Abuja was a well-planned city designed by Japanese architect Kenzo Tange.

3. Calabar

Calabar is a port city on the west coast of Nigeria. There are some fascinating tourism spots to visit in this city such as Obudu Resort and Calabar Castle. It is the most populous city in Nigeria,with a reputation as a slave trade center during the trans-Atlantic slave trade.  

4. Kano 

Kano is the largest city in northern Nigeria and has such a rich history that it has an international airport and a major railroad line in the city. Tourists in Kano are also facilitated by good road infrastructure and a sophisticated public transportation system. Arriving here, tourists will be spoiled by buildings such as visiting the Palace of the Emir of Kano and the Great Mosque of Kano whose beauty is very enchanting.

5. Enugu

Enugu is famous for its colonial architecture and its role in developing coal mining. Visitors can experience enchanting attractions such as the Nike Shrine, Polo Park, and Ngwo Hill. Enugu is a city rich in culture and arts, especially in the form of theater and cinema. The city is home to many theater companies and visual arts groups and is also the center of the Nigerian film industry known as 'Nollywood'.

6. Ibadan

Ibadan is the fourth largest city in Nigeria and has several interesting attractions such as the UI Zoo, the Ibadan Grand Museum, and the Oke Maria Shrine. Historically, Ibadan was originally a small village inhabited by the Yoruba tribe, but developed as a commercial and administrative center during British colonial rule. The city also played an important role in Nigeria's struggle for independence. 

7. Abeokuta

Abeokuta is famous for the huge trees in the area. Tourists can tour Mount Olumo, Omo National Park, and the Abeokuta National Museum. Abeokuta is not only the center of business and industry in Ogun State, but also has agriculture, manufacturing, and service sectors as major industries. The city is also known for the production of textiles, handicrafts, and traditional foods such as Adire, Gele, and Amala.

8 Harcourt Harbor

Harcourt Harbour was built in 1912 as the main commercial port in the southern region of Nigeria. It developed into an important economic center during British colonial rule and after Nigeria's independence in 1960. Port Harcourt is the name of the port city in the Niger Delta. Travelers can set foot in the enchanting Kulttuuripuisto and Lekki Park.

9. Jos

Jos is a small city in south-central Nigeria. Travelers can visit Lake Rijom, Jos National Park, and Mount Shere. The city of Jos is located in the highlands and is famous for its mild climate, similar to that of the mountains. With temperatures rarely exceeding 25 degrees Celsius, Jos is a popular tourism destination for Nigerians seeking cooler temperatures. 

10. Uyo

Uyo is a small town in the southern part of Nigeria. Although not known as a major tourist destination, Uyo offers some interesting attractions such as Cross River National Park, Ibeno Beach and Agbokim Falls. A fascinating destination for nature lovers, Cross River National Park offers spectacular views of the tropical rainforest and wildlife such as gorillas and monkeys.

11. Warri

Warri is a city known for its low humidity. Warri is a major city in Delta State, Nigeria and is the center of the oil and gas industry. It is a bustling port and home to many different ethnic groups. Warri is also known for its Highlife music, a mix of traditional African and Western music. Visitors can tour the Ogbe-Ijoh Beach, Warri Zoological Park, and Lekki Park.

12. Akure

Akure is a small town with a distinctive climate. The town is surrounded by hills that provide an interesting landscape and scenic charm. In Akure, there is a spring known as the "Owena River" which is believed to have healing powers and is used by locals as a place of pilgrimage.

13. Sokoto

The city of Sokoto is economically dependent on agriculture, especially grazing and the production of legumes such as soybeans and peanuts. Sokoto is also a city in northern Nigeria with a thriving Muslim community. Several tourism festivals and cultural celebrations are held in Sokoto city every year, including the Durbar Festival which features a parade of beautiful horses, and the Sokoto Film Festival which screens films from around the world.

14. Maiduguri

Maiduguri is a city in northern Nigeria that serves as an important commercial center. The city has a museum that showcases Nigerian history and culture, including a collection of traditional fine arts and historical artifacts from the Kanem-Borno Kingdom. One of the main attractions in Maiduguri is tourism to Sambisa National Park, a national park about 60 km from the city that is home to a variety of wild flora and fauna.

15. Awka

Awka is the capital of Anambra State in Nigeria. Awka is a friendly and safe city for tourists. Many visitors come to the city to enjoy the beauty of its natural charm, explore its historical and cultural sites, and mingle with the friendly and welcoming locals. 

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