10 Alluring Recreation Zones In Latvia !

10 Alluring Recreation Zones In Latvia !

Latvia has considerable forest cover, with about 54% of the country being forested and 10% being muddy or aquatic. There are about 12,000 rivers and 3,000 small lakes. Perfect for a vacation and relaxing while boating or kayaking.

Although its territory is not too large, the country whose capital is Riga has unique recreational zones that captivate the hearts of local and global communities. Curious what are the recreational zones? Read on until the end.

10 Alluring Recreation Zones In Latvia!

1. Riga

Riga is the capital of Latvia and offers many attractions. Explore the beautiful UNESCO old town with its Art Nouveau architecture. The city of Riga has the most Art Nouveau buildings in the world. About a third of the city's buildings contain subtle Art Nouveau architectural elements, with intricate interior designs and decorations that will captivate travelers in Latvia.

2. Yurmala

Located on the Baltic Sea coast, Yurmala is a popular resort town zone with beautiful beaches, pine forests and five-star villas. One of Yurmala's most distinctive features is the alluring wooden architecture. Most of these buildings were built in the early 20th century and reflect the Secession (Art Nouveau) style of architecture. Enjoy the relaxing atmosphere and stroll along the long wooden walkways from early morning until evening.

3. Kuldiga

Kuldīga, with an area of 13.2 km², and a population of 10,352 (2020). The town was previously called Jesusburg (1242) and Goldingen (1242-1920). Kuldiga is a pretty little town with the oldest stone bridge in Latvia. Enjoy the view of the Ventas Rumba waterfall, which attracts tourists and is the widest waterfall in Northern Europe. The town also thrives as a commercial river port.

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4. Cesis

Cesis is a historic town with a beautiful medieval castle built on a ridge, adjacent to the "blue forest" river below. The town is surrounded by dolomite rocks with 8 towers and 5 gates. In addition, you can explore the narrow cobbled streets, see the historic churches, and visit the nearby Gauja National Park zone.

5. Sigulda

In the central part of Latvia, just 53 kilometers from Riga, lies the pretty town of Sigulda. Located in the Gauja National Park, Sigulda is the perfect zone for nature lovers and adventurers. It lies beautifully on the banks of the Gauja River, surrounded by forests and mountains. Tourists will continue to be spoiled by the mesmerizing views of Mount Turaida and explore the historic caves and castles.

6. Liepaja

Liepaja is a beautiful harbor town with vast white sandy beaches. It is also the third largest city in Latvia with 78,144 inhabitants (2016). Here, tourists can start their adventure by playing in the white sand beach zone or participating in sky diving activities with other visitors. When night falls, the panoramic view of Holy Trinity is so charming that it is filled with tourists from various countries. Afterward, you can visit the unique Seekirche.

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7. Bauska

Bauska is located not far from the capital Riga and only 20 kilometers from Lithuania in the notoriously busy European zone E67. Although its population is only estimated at 10,000, the city of Bauska holds many of Latvia's most enchanting tourist zones, one of which is the popular Bausk Castle, which is still very beautiful and surrounded by green grass and trees.

8. Ventspil

This is a port city located in northeastern Latvia, and is located in the historic zone of Courland.Ventspils was a successful commercial port in the glory years of the Duchies of Courland and Zemgale. Ventspils is also a coastal town with many enticing attractions such as a beautiful 13th-century castle, extensive parks, and beautiful sandy beaches. Getting inside the castles is highly recommended so that tourists can also get to know the historical stories. 

9. Daugavpil

Daugavpils is the second largest city in Latvia and is famous for its unique city fortress. In the years 1275-1893 Daugavpils was called Dinaburg. In this zone, travelers can start their journey with a tour of the Daugavpils Fortress, which is strong in historical terms, after which the Kulturas Park is also recommended to make your adventure more exciting. The rest of the travelers can take a look at St. Nicholas Boris Church and the Glebe Church. Nicholas Boris and Gleb Churches which when entered will really captivate the hearts of tourists in Latvia.

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10. Jelgava

Often referred to as the former capital of the Duchy of Courland or Mitauna, it was the capital of the Courland region until 1919. Jelgava is a city filled with beautiful and alluring parks. This includes the large Jelgava Park zone and the famous Rundale Palace Park. Also visit Jelgava Palace and Jelgava Great Church to complete your Latvian tourism.

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