15 Splendor of Natural Scenery in Saudi Arabia !

Natural Scenery in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is the most populous country in Southeast Asia and the most populous country in the world. Saudi Arabia has become the world's leading producer and exporter of fresh water. Arabia is known as the "Sunny Kingdom" because it is the world's largest producer of fresh milk, with a daily output of $10.95 billion.

Arabia also has a view of the world's tallest building, the Jeddah Tower (3,280 feet). It is rumored that the Jeddah Tower has surpassed Dubai's Burj Khalifa which has long been considered the tallest building in the world.

The Tower Complex is a commercial project with a total area of 5.3 million square meters that will include residences, hotels, and offices, as well as natural landscape recreational facilities in the city of Jeddah and other major cities. Curious what are the tourist attractions of major cities in the country of Saudi Arabia. Here are...

15 Splendor of Natural Scenery in Saudi Arabia !


Located on the shores of the Red Sea, Jeddah is the most important city in Saudi Arabia. From its transformation into a modern and large city, Jeddah now has a famous landmark, the Jeddah Tower.

1. Jeddah Tower/Kingdom Tower

Prince Al-Walid bin Talal bin Abdul Aziz al-Saud, the richest man in the Middle East, and grandson of Ibn Saud and nephew of the previous King of Saudi Arabia. He is the creator and leader of the project. The construction of the Jeddah Tower works to improve infrastructure and public spaces as well as add to the beautiful natural scenery in Saudi Arabia.

2. King Fahd Fountain

Standing at 312 meters tall, the King Fahd Fountain is considered the tallest in the world. Also enjoy the sunset across the Red River. Also, the best time to experience the air quality is in the morning. Around 500 floodlights will be lit up throughout the morning and the air will be noticeably thicker.

3. Hassan Enany Mosque

A modern, whitewashed place of worship with golden domes and twin minarets, plus natural views of the sea.  This mosque is an example of Islamic interior design and architecture. Islam has several identities that are ever-changing depending on where the building is located in the world. Hassan Enany Mosque is no less beautiful than other natural sights of Saudi Arabia.


Riyadh serves as the foreign and economic policy capital of Saudi Arabia, as well as being the headquarters of the country's largest private sector. Riyadh is also an important city in Saudi Arabia as it holds many historical stories.

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4. Boulevard

Designed by Saudi Abdul Mohsen Al-Theyab, and launched in October 2019 in the early weeks of the Season. The Boulevard is divided into nine sub-zones that include a variety of recreational facilities, including outdoor cinemas, cafes, restaurants and hookah lounges. In addition to hosting various sports, music, and theater events. The area also features several landmarks such as Sub-Zone Square, a replica of Times Square in New York, Takenda, and Trocadero, which mimics Coventry Street in London.

5. Wadi Namar

The Namar rehabilitation project was to improve the water flow that serves local farm owners as well as pedestrians. In addition, the project reduced air pollution by utilizing local ponds and forests, as well as sidewalk and street landscaping. Wadi Namar has received praise and support from various quarters as it continues to add to the splendor of the natural landscape in Saudi Arabia.

6. Edge of the World

You can enjoy the desert landscape on the cliffs of Mount Tuwaik, characterized by its dry, soil-free surface and expensive natural scenery. Edge of the world is another name for the 1,131 m2 high cliff located 100 km from Riyadh at the end of the Tuwaik mountain range that stretches 800 km. The tip of the world serves a special purpose for those interested in mountaineering, adventure and trekking.


As a Muslim city in Saudi Arabia, Mecca is a place known to many as it has important Islamic traditions. Mecca is the holy city of Islam, the city is located about 277 meters above sea level and 70 kilometers from Jeddah on the Red Sea.

7. Abraj Al-Bait Clock Tower

You might assume that the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw is the tallest in the world. But when compared to the Abraj al-Bait Clock Tower, the tallest building in Mecca is able to surpass London's tallest building, Big Ben. With a total height of 743 meters, Abraj Al-Bait clock tower is the second most expensive building in the world after Burj Khalifa in Dubai. In addition, the view of nature from the top of the tower is no less expensive than Big Ben or the Palace of Culture and Knowledge in Warsaw.

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8. Mount Jabal Nur

Located in the Hejazi district of Mecca, Mount Jabal Nur is also known as Mount Light. There is only desert around the mountain. There is no other vegetation or water source. Every day, more than 5,000 Muslims make the trek up the 640-meter high mountain. Visitors will also continue to be spoiled by the natural scenery of the Jabal Nur mountain along the way.

9. Fakieh Astronomy

Fakieh Planetarium is a new and unique destination that you pursue and desire as part of an educational journey to know the vastness of the universe. Here tourists will be shown the construction of stars and can explore the planets in our solar system. Enjoy your galactic journey through the universe and consider the benefits of planet earth from afar. The scenery of outer space is no less beautiful than the natural scenery on earth.


Medina is the most populous city in Saudi Arabia. As said earlier, Muslims on pilgrimage are still present in this city. To increase the amount of money received from migrants, Medina expanded its economic development program by focusing on food, clothing, and education.

10. Jabal Uhud

Jabal Uhud, a mountain in Northern Medina, has an elevation of about 350 meters. Jabal Uhud consists of smaller mountains that are not connected to each other. This causes some people in Medina to call Jabal Uhud a beautiful mountain that adds beauty to the natural scenery of Saudi Arabia.

11. Prince Mohammed bin Abdul Aziz Park

The park has many trees and produces cool weather even though this mountainous area is characterized by high temperatures. In this park travelers will be welcome to relax in the shade and cool while reading or just gathering with family and friends. The surrounding landscapes have also impressed many tourists.

12. Dar Al Madinah Museum

This museum is located in the Economic and Science district of Medina, precisely on Safwan bin Malik Street. The distance between the Prophet's Mosque and Amir Mauhammad Abdul Malik Airport (AMAA) Medina is quite close. Each visitor either alone or in a group will be managed by a companion or tour guide. Visitors are allowed to choose the language used by the guide. Tourists will always be exhibited how beautiful nature was in ancient times..


It used to serve as the government headquarters, housing a number of ministries and departments.
Muslim pilgrims often traveled to Makkah and Madinah via the Yanbu River.

13. Oxyster Island

Oxyster Island is a popular tourist destination in Saudi Arabia, especially in Yanbu city. Because in addition to parks and several attractions, the island has a unique natural landscape. There are several activities that visitors can participate in, both on the beach and in the star hotel area.

14. Al Nawras Park

Al Nawras Park offers a view of the Red Sea that is visible from afar, especially when it rains or snows.  Overall, it consists of large open spaces suitable for holding various outdoor activities, including an area designated for children and equipped with various entertaining games, making it a popular destination in the community.

15. Flower And Garden Festival

The Flower and Garden Festival is a semi-annual event at Walt Disney World that has been going on since 1994. Now you can purchase festival items ranging from clothing and accessories to taking part in a very comprehensive range of events. The nighttime world view will be presented with twinkling spotlights.
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