TOP 5 Countries not to visit

TOP 5 Countries not to visit
We may find beauty in various countries in the world, but there are things that make us not satisfied to enjoy the beauty in our home country. The beauty starts from the mountains, flowing rivers, rice fields, and very fine beach sand, but not everyone can get that beauty enjoy in their country because not all countries have what I mentioned earlier.

You have been lucky to be born in a country that has views like heaven and is rich in beautiful places that we can visit with our families, partners or relatives. We also get a feeling of security in a peaceful country without disputes with other countries. Now the war has occurred everywhere resulting in tarnishing the country's reputation and impacting on decreasing tourist interest in visiting the country. As listed below.
1. Iraq

The cause of Iraq being a country that has a bad title is because the Iraqi region has the most famous zone for waging war. The war was led by the USA and England who had a mission to hunt down Sadam Hussein, one of the terrorist groups.

As of 2003 and for about 20 years Iraq has become a country that is not considered safe enough for tourists who want to visit. 

2. Angola

It has quite extreme weather temperatures which result in the discovery of drought in various regions and makes tourists reluctant to visit the country. 

Not only that, Angola also has problems dealing with corruption and poverty after wars between nations decades ago.

Even though this country has the 17th largest supply of petroleum in the world and holds diamond deposits.

3. Papua New Guinea

One of the countries that still carry out cannibalism activities to this day. But they do it not openly.

Actually there are regulations that prohibit the practice of cannibalism with written laws. Therefore Papua New Guinea is a country that is not yet safe to visit.

4. Nigeria

Once a country with a high enough Ebola outbreak, Nigeria is less attractive to tourists, coupled with problems between people religions that are less harmonious, resulting in the emergence of terrorist groups, one of which is called Boko Haram.

Having the legalization of the oil and gas sector makes Nigeria one of the richest countries on the African continent.
With the oil and gas business, the revenue that Nigeria will receive in 2021 is $514 billion

5. Belarus

It is time for us to avoid people who are drunk or drinking alcohol.

This statement is appropriate for this country because, WHO has recorded Belarusians who are capable of consuming around 17.5 liters of alcoholic beverages. So that tourists who visit get a feeling of anxiety, especially if it is their first time visiting Belarus.
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