The 5 best places to visit in France

The 5 best places to visit in France

The European continent never runs out of places to visit for tourists from various countries, especially France. A country that is known for the romance of its citizens combined with the best places to visit here, and attracts millions of tourists who visit, making France the country with the most tourists in the world. 

Here are the 5 best places to visit in France. 

1. Paris 

It's incomplete if you visit France without setting foot in Paris. Until now, Paris is still the center of millions of people to enjoy the holidays of the visitors.

  • Eiffel Tower

Many love stories have happened here, forcing you to invite your partner to enjoy the sweet, precious panorama around the Eiffel Tower. Don't forget to also climb the Eiffel tower and enjoy a meal at the Le Jules Verre restaurant which stops at the top of the tower.

  • Palace of Versailles

It used to be a magnificent palace building with classic ornaments that amazed the senses of sight and could only be visited by important people. Now, the place where there are very large beautiful gardens has been turned into a museum and can be visited by anyone, and allowed to view the ornaments from the inside.

  • Disneyland Paris

The entertainment center with the family in the city of Paris has various kinds of rides. It is suitable to invite children to enjoy their school holidays. If you are tired and want to rest, you can visit the Paris Disneyland Hotel which is in the vicinity. Not only hotels and amusement rides, but there are also golf courses and Walt Disney Studios Park.

2. Marseille

Being a city on the seafront makes Marseille the busiest port in France and of course has many beautiful beaches. The theme of modern classics seems to be closely related to cultural diversity.

  • Parc National Des Calanques

it is very refreshing for the eyes when tourists take the time to visit the rock cliffs that meet directly with the vast expanse of the blue sea. There is also a small beach which is squeezed by two steep cliffs as if demanding you to enjoy the evening sun from the top of the cliff or from the beach under the cliff. Not only that, here also save a variety of flora and fauna that robs the scenery around it. 

  • Palais Longchamp

This building, which is still thick with ancient architecture, was built to commemorate the restoration of the Canal de Marseille and was inaugurated in 1869. Currently it has a function as a museum for visitors who want to enjoy natural history, artist works, and beautiful gardens that you can enjoy after taking a look inside the museum. This building is also dedicated to the glory of water, because water really plays an important role in the life of living things. 

  • Puerto Viejo/Vieux Port

Initially this port was created because the Greeks set foot in 600 BC in this port. And now it has become the center of the city of Marseille since 2000 years ago. Currently there are really many people who want to visit here. Hunt for fresh fish in the deep blue sea or buy them at the market which is not far from this port. There are many small boats so you can enjoy the sides of the city by boat.

3. Nice

As a city with a lot of sunlight, it makes the city of Nice even more sparkling when the beam penetrates into the ocean and hits small waves until it is visible from the Alps which is indeed the best spot to enjoy nature.

  • Contemporary Art 

The museum building houses many of the best works by famous French artists, one of which is Andy Warhol. Do you know the Loch Nees monster? If not, you can find it in this museum in the form of a statue. There is also a modern library that makes the reader comfortable when pronouncing the letters in the book. The library was named Lois Nucera and the Acropolis library. 

  • Vieille Ville / Old town

Follow the narrow cobbled streets from the west of the Colline du Chateau or Hill castle to the southern end which is directly adjacent to Ponchete, an area that sells a variety of fish and other fresh goods. Many visitors say that Babazouk or another name for Vieille Ville is similar to one of the old cities in Italy. Even though the buildings are old-fashioned, who would have thought that this city still has a lively atmosphere like in other areas.

  • Parc des Arenes de Cimiez 

It is said that this place has a forest of olive trees that are more than one hundred years old. There's a lot you can do here, like meditating to relax your mind or following the garden path. Not only that, here is also suitable for history lovers because there are also archaeologists from the remains of the ancient Roman Cemenelum.

4. Lyons

What comes to your mind when you hear the word Lyon? It must be a wild animal that becomes the king of the jungle, namely the lion. If the lion is the king in the jungle, then Lyon is one of the kings of tourism in France which has a myriad of beautiful destinations.

  • Parc de la Tete d'Or

It's hard enough to say the name but not hard to find her beauty. One of them is that you can take a walk and enjoy the lake and park filled with green trees and grass. Who would have thought that this tourist spot was built in 1857 and has various types of plants, a lake that you can explore by boat, and a miniature train.

  • Basilica Notre-Dame

Of Fourviere The inside is covered in marble and granite coupled with a gold atmosphere which makes this church more handsome and silver accents attached to the right and left walls. This Byzantine, Gothic and Roman style building was even more complete when UNESCO registered it as a world heritage site. It's only natural if that happens, because the ancient architecture diverts all eyes, especially the 4 towers that are attached with domes and glass.

  • Grand Parc Miribel Jonage

You must visit this 350 hectare area. The reason is, there are more than 1,000 various flora and fauna including 230 species of birds, 25 various mammals, 40 types of dragonflies and bats up to 800 plants and more than 33 types of orchids. With notes like that, it is mandatory for tourists to visit one of the best places in France.

5. Bordeaux

Maybe for wine lovers or wine drinkers, this city is suitable for them because here is very famous for its wine and has a wine museum. Bordeaux is also famous not only for wine, but there are many of the best destinations that you must visit.

  • La Cite du Vin

Just like what I wrote above about the city of Bordeaux, La Cite du Vin is the right place to enjoy a variety of wines. This very magnificent building is a building that has many functions such as, you can see wine production, the history of the creation of wine, taste various wines, and as a place for performances and exhibitions.

  • Rue Sainte Catherine

Are you satisfied with wine? Now is the time for you to be stylish by buying branded items so that your appearance is more fashionable. You can explore this 1.2 kilometer long asphalt by choosing which classic themed shop you want to visit. There are many shops around you, and there are thousands of people every day who visit Rue Sainte Catherine.

  • Jardin Public

Tired of strolling down the Rue Saithe Catherine market?. If so, then you must rest or lie down in the vast green garden of Jardin Public. A garden with very green grass plus trees that cover you from the sun. As far as the eye can see, there are also ancient buildings built around the 18th century. Jardin Public itself was created in 1746 and is indeed very suitable for relaxing or taking a walk. Jardin Public is also included in the 5 best places to visit in France.

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