Best Places to Visit in Japan : TOP 5

Best Places to Visit in Japan : TOP 5
This country holds expertise in the field of technology and robot manufacturing, and also has a natural charm that is no less great than the rest of the universe. One of them is a mountain that has a snow cap on it or what people usually call it Mount Fuji, a beautiful and one-of-a-kind bamboo forest, dozens of temples or more that have charmingly carved roofs and are attached to history.

The best tourist attractions in Japan are numerous when you are in this country, you will also feel how clean the city is and how efficient the means of transportation are. The average outsider may only know Mt. Fuji but, there are many other tourist spots that I recommend for adventurous lovers. Next and continue to listen to this article to the bottom!

TOP 5 Best Places to Visit in Japan

1. Tokyo

Being the center of Japan, the city of Tokyo presents a variety of architectural splendor in the recreational arenas around it.

  • Imperal Palace & East Garden

It is a defensive fortress that has existed since the Edo period. According to reports, this fort was owned by emperors named Honmaru and Ninomaru. Not only can you see the outside, but tourists are also allowed to watch and explore what is inside, the remains of the cultural heritage are still very close. Around there are various green plants that make the eyes fresh.

  • Tokyo Disnelyand-Dineysea & Tokyo Tower

Featuring a variety of entertainment such as stunts, rides, and playgrounds. Even more beautiful when entering the night, because the twinkling and colorful lights will decorate the construction of the building under the stars in the sky. Making Tokyo Disneyland & Dineysea one of the most visited amusement parks in the world.

The place is not too far from the amusement park above and still in the same area. Tokyo Tower has a tower that is almost similar to the one in Paris. Yups, Tokyo Tower has a building arrangement that is no less dashing than the Eiffel Tower.

Visitors are allowed to see the beauty of the city of Tokyo from the top of the tower, plus there are no buildings that match the height of the tower so that the senses of sight can be free to see anywhere. Not suitable for tourists who are afraid of heights, because it is 332 meters high.

  • Harajuku

Are you fashion lovers? Congratulations, you are in the right place. It is known throughout the world that this area, which is not far from Shibuya, is a place to shop for clothes, necklaces, bracelets, shoes, hats, and various other jewelry. This is the place where you spend enough money to make yourself like the world's top model.

2. Shibuya

Not only is it famous for its crossroads, but this is a business area and shopping center. Many people walk with their own activities.

  • Shibuya Crossroad

Just as I said above, this intersection was originally not a tourist stage and a modeling stage. However, it is just an ordinary quarter full of colors which over time has become an attraction for foreign tourists and has made this street a tourist spot.

  • Cat Street

If you are from Shibuya and want to go to Harajuku, make sure that you pass through a comfortable little street. Because, around it there are also shops that sell what you need. There are several cafes here to make you calmer if you want to relax.

  • Hachiko Statue

It is said that this dog has been waiting for its owner who never came to Shibuya station, not because he was busy or had forgotten his dog. But it was rumored that his mistress had died. This statue is very historic and is a center of attention, so many tourists come to visit and take pictures.

3. Osaka

Combining culture and grandeur of the city, Osaka is often the most suitable photo spot. There are streets that are empty of vehicles, requiring you to linger in this area.

  • Osaka Castle

Enter the museum and learn Japanese history, especially the city of Osaka. The castle is no less magnificent than the one in Tokyo, Osaka Castle was built in 1583 and has been around for a very long time making it full of historical stories that have happened in the past and has become an icon of the city of Osaka.

  • Dotonbori 

If you can't come to New York, then come to the city of Osaka, precisely in the Dotonbori area. The many billboards attached to the sides of the building create a Japanese version of Times Square. Very contemporary for young people who want to walk casually with their partners.

  • Shinsaibashi

Continuing your vacation trip by reviewing a classic market with a modern theme that is very neat and comfortable. The tourism center for shopping people in Osaka. Not far from that area, you can take a vehicle or commuter to visit the Namba area which is famous for its entertainment district such as cafes, star hotels, buy or play video games and experience watching anime directly from Japan.

4. Kyoto

If you want to feel Japan's past, you can stop in this city. Many of the huts and shrines are dominated by the scent of culture and customs that have truly become the symbol of the city of Kyoto.

  • Gion

Has stalls selling various drinks such as tea to be enjoyed while relaxing on the roadside cafe. Do you know Geisha and Maiko? You will find out when you walk down this street, they are beautiful women who wear their traditional clothes.

  • Arashiyama

It has been famous for a long time and went viral at the end of 2019, the green bamboo forest is very tall and long, of course you will also feel a beautiful and cool atmosphere when you surround this area. Seeing photos on the bamboo rows and posting them on social media will make people curious about where that place is.

  • Higashiyama

Feeling the past here will make visitors very curious about what happened in the past. A variety of typical cuisine can be enjoyed by tourists. Enter the revival and look at the nearby mountains and enjoy the Kamo river on the surrounding side.

5. Okinawa

There are so many islands and beautiful beaches in this city, its endless exotic nature makes this island the safest island in the world. Martial arts karate was also born here. The main income on this island on average from the manufacture of black sugar. Sweet sugar, as sweet as its beaches.

  • Kume

A beach created by God and given to us to be enjoyed together and of course we have to take good care of it. Stretch of white sand mixed with blue sea water coupled with a very beautiful weather, making travelers really enjoy it. Especially if tourists bring drones to look at Kume beach from a height of several meters, it is certain that what we will see is the incomparable beauty of this tiny island.

  • Manzamo Cliffs

The tip of the land which is very popular here to enjoy the vastness of the open sea and there are no barriers as far as the eye can see. You can take wedding photos or family photos here and also feel how cool the sea breeze is.

  • Gyokusendo Cave

Colorful cave full of stalactites and stalagmites with a depth of up to 5 kilometers. There are also small pools filled with distinctive blue water, walking around this cave casually so you can feel it deep into your body. You can visit this cave in Okinawa World area.
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