TOP 5 Tourism in Thailand

TOP 5 Tourism in Thailand
Now it is ranked 36th in the most popular country in the tourism sector, making Thailand more and more visited by foreign tourists who put it on the list of countries that must be visited on the Asian continent.

Not only famous for the view of the elephant population in Thailand, there are also many natural landscapes that you can visit, such as panoramic beaches, forests, historical temples, and even markets that sell various jewelery knick-knacks and special foods that you can buy at relatively low prices. cheap. Curious where the place is? Let's continue reading!

TOP 5 Tourism in Thailand

1. Bangkok

It's not perfect if we visit Thailand and don't go to its capital, Bangkok. The view of the towering buildings, with the winding Chao Phraya river, plus the markets which are very busy with buyers and sellers transacting with each other. What's more, you can buy it cheaply.

Apart from that, you are also required to visit beautiful, very historic temples, one of which is Wat Arun, which is located not far from the famous market, Chatuchak. Taken from the name of the god of dawn, Wat Arun is increasingly famous for its views in the evening accompanied by the waves of the Chao Phraya river which are not so terrible.

2. Kanchanaburi

There are shady trees inhabited by many animals, especially birds that whistle to each other to the point that it makes you feel more at home here. Not far from the forest, you will meet a river that can be traced or you can also fish in it so that tourists can enjoy their catch.

The river flow is directly connected to the Erawan waterfall and radiates blue sky rays making this river look like a long mirror. There is also a bridge that you can stop by to enjoy the river from above. It is suitable for those of you who want to escape from the noise of the city.

3. Ko Tao

A very clear natural water pool makes the body and soul wake up again to see its beauty, very suitable for divers to feel the cool water accompanied by various coral reefs dancing to the right and left being swept by calm waves. The depth that is not too deep makes the tourists' families want to linger playing in the water. 

The small islands in the vicinity that you can explore through small streets that force you to take a leisurely stroll to enjoy what is around you. Until the end of the road you can relax on the beach enjoying the bright blue sky and holding soft white sand like the silk cloth you usually wear.

4. Phuket

Formerly Phuket was an ancient city that not many people knew about. But now it has changed 180 degrees to become a very friendly tourist city, strewn with the lights of buildings and stars. A wide expanse of shoreline and lots of visitors who are relaxing and playing with their families and enjoying the afternoon sun. 

This island seems to contain a lot of alcohol extract. As a result, tourists don't want to return to their place of origin because they are addicted and want to continue to be on this island. The magical power of the city of Phuket is so great that people who are visiting for the first time are immediately amazed, especially if you come with a partner or extended family.

5. Krabi

Limestone cliffs stand upright which split naturally and there are small hidden caves around it. As well as cliffs that meet directly with the lake below, this city is perfect for adventurers who are confused about where to visit the natural zone next.

Feel jumping directly from the top of the cliff into the water below to dive at a depth of several meters to meet plants that live in the water. Or you can also enjoy it by stretching your body floating on the water. Similar to a five star restaurant, Krabi has shown all its beauty.
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